Thursday, May 1, 2008


As some of you may not be presently currently aware, there isn’t a plague of mist in these lands, there’s nothing out of its place, nothing, no one that doesn’t belong in this world for the dead, a beauty comprised of flesh and blood, a beauty of a pure pro, a beauty that holds ground and deserves fortune, a beauty that is so humble of its greatest accomplishments such as world peace solved in a single paragraph, and, indeed, while an enormous accomplishment, it is everything compared to the feat CS is currently attempting, a feat not driven by competition and not wrought with spite, a blog entry, once more, that is 1/0 less 1337 than all of its predecessors, one paragraph, naw, one sentence, a tiny embodiment of noobishness and garbage, a truthful compilation of thought and comma, as words are weak and syntax is satisfied none would say this is no longer a sentence, but once again noobs scream naw, for they cheat the establishment, and do everything of the sort, with semicolons, colons, and multiple dot dot dots, this is not pure in either wit or skill, as he misspells coffin while trying to shut it on the phrase we haven’t come to live by enough, SJ08> 08CS, a phrase in itself without fallacy, shining through the light as all the rays of truth in this world, a beauty in and of itself, with absolutely measurable strength and commitment to its cause, it is mortal and may die upon being erased, a new religion, full of obscenity, molestation, and lies, this is the lie we must all accept.


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You lost

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