Sunday, May 25, 2008

The End

Finally we’re done with blogs (or at least I will be after I finish my 200-250 words that will make up this last post)! I don’t mind writing. I do, however, mind frequent and mandatory writing. When I think of a topic that’s good, I’ll write about it on my own. However, when I have to think about a topic and then immediately begin writing about it, I don’t necessarily have as much fun. This was the problem with blogs. Sunday morning would roll around, and I’d have 3 blogs to write. I’d sit at the computer, trying to think of a topic to write about, but nothing would come. This was always agitating, which lead to my dislike of school sanctioned blogging.
One thing that I think may have improved my blog and possibly other peoples’ would have been to have had class time provide for the sole purpose of reading other peoples’ blogs. I kind of wrote these entries as if someone else was going to read them, but I know not many people actually did. I think everyone could have benefited from feedback from others and a bit of public attention to the blogs.
I may continue to blog during the summer, but the chances are slim. I simply am not on the computer much. I don’t have any reason musically to get on (iTunes or Youtube videos), and I don’t really play computer games because I have an Xbox. These blogs were better than the writing notebook and its 5 entries per week, but they could still use improvement. Summer is almost here, and the blogs are done. Sweet.

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