Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ghillies in the Mist

First off, I figured out how to post pics. Second, this man has his rifle pointed at you, and you’re just sitting there staring at him. He’s in what would be known as a ghillie suit, which is the best suit in my opinion, disregarding the birthday suit.
I was looking around one the web a bit, trying to figure out how to make one of these, because running around in one would be awesome. I ended up finding the “history” of the suit. Apparently gamekeepers made them using some sort of African grass and hid around, waiting for poachers. Now it has changed into a military tool used primarily by snipers. The reason these suits are better than simply camouflaged clothing is because they can make real shadows because they are actually 3D. The darkest black on normal clothes is still lighter than actual shadow, which makes the ghillie superior. It also serves to eliminate your human-ish outline, which makes detecting you with the naked eye a lot harder.
Anyway, when I finally found a site which looked pretty good, the materials for making one of these would have cost a few hundred dollars. There were a bunch of different methods to make them, and at the end the guy talked about a bunch of ways to move around in one while in a wooded area without being seen. If CS would ever make one of these, he’d have to make his red because they’d see his noobishness no matter what he did anyway.

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ostin said...

hey i have a ghillie suit and like u said it is pretty cool to move around in it,i took this baby hunting with me a got about 2feet from the squirrel and got a killed it. I also got me another squirrel kill with a bow in my ghillie suit in a tree fro about 15 yds so yea i would say a ghillie suit is the ultimate suit.