Sunday, May 18, 2008

Your Homepage.

This site bothers me: This is the Kennedy Homepage. We should all look to this website in our times of need and find hope in the presence of our classmates. This should be a beacon of excellence in the dark world of Iowa and its surrounding haze. This is, sadly, not the case. Our current homepage makes me want to weep openly.
There are three pictures which appear on the left side of the screen. I don’t think they even scroll between the different ones, because you have to refresh the page (at least on my computer) to see the next one. The first one is some kid in the cafeteria looking stupidly into the camera. It’s obscenely unnatural. The next one contains two random girls hugging each other. They are, again, in the lunch room. I would almost bet money they don’t actually go to Kennedy, because I’ve never seen either of them in my life. The last picture, however, I find the most offensive. It has some kid in a red shirt looking at the camera, while in the cafeteria… He appears initially to be a very smart kid. You can tell by the fact he has a spicy chicken sandwich in front of him. However, if you look closely, you can see there is mayonnaise on the sandwich and that there are more packets that he has yet to add. This is disgraceful. What a horrible way to RUIN a perfectly good spicy chicken sandwich. Anyone at my lunch table (except maybe the Canadian kid) would agree; the act of putting that white crap on a spicy chicken sandwich deserves capital punishment, at least. Because of these three pictures taken on the same day in the cafeteria, our website is trash. I need not go into the color scheme, the scrolling words at the top, or how they banned Alex from the forums, because you already know that this site isn’t worth visiting.

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