Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hug 'em!

I typed in “Weird Animals” into Google and found a site with this little guy on it. Apparently he’s known as the Yeti Crab and is only about 6 inches long. It has blond hair on its legs and claws, which is the fur on the picture. Yeti Crabs are thought to be blind. They have bacteria in their hairs that can filter out poisonous minerals from the hydrothermal vents they live by, way under the ocean. They also eat green algae and small shrimp.
The only animal cooler would be the platypus. Why? It’s (as far as we know) the only poisonous mammal. That’d be like a human with a venomous stinger on the end of their finger(s) which they could hunt with. Sweet.
Now I can’t help but wonder why I just looked up an obscure animal and decided to learn about it. My Psychology would tell me that I am intrinsically motivated to learn. I just wanted to at the time, so I did. I wasn’t rewarded, really, in any way. No one gave me a high-five, paid me, or fed me candy. I just looked up the yeti crab for no real reason, learned about it, and that’s it.

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