Sunday, May 11, 2008

This week's god-paragraph, not to be confused with the pure god-blocks on god108, Iowa's pure god

This week I apparently forgot to write an entry before the weekend. I have three to do today, and I have already written one. I find writing two on a weekend is fine because I write one good or decent one and then a rant similar to this and can then consider myself successful in maintaining my Language Arts grade. I can’t seem to write today. It took me a fairly large amount of time to write my previous entry, and this one isn’t as easy as most other rants are. I’m unsure why this is. Bleh.
The last sentence typed “Bleh.” has two underlines on it. Microsoft word underlines red for incorrectly spelled words, and underlines green for improper grammar. “Bleh” could be bleb, blew, bled, belch, or blotch, and the green underline says “Fragment (consider revising).” I say SCREW YOU Microsoft word. Also, when typing Microsoft, I didn’t use a capital M, and the stupid program actually capitalized it by itself. It didn’t even ask permission. Microsoft. It did it again. Furthermore, it didn’t think that “Microsoft.” was a grammatically incorrect sentence at first. Fools! Fools!
In other news, I have found an example of regression towards the mean, a psychology term. Pretty much all of the music videos on youtube are four out of five stars for their rating. There are mostly five stars, with a few lower ones for the people who waste their time listening to music they don’t like and then complaining about it. This creates a nice balance of a four star rating for pretty much everyone, making everyone a wimp because no matter what they do they’ll get four stars. Besides this, when you type fast, you type starts instead of stars a bunch, which gets annoying because spell check doesn’t catch that. Just another example of Microsoft word’s inferiority to Notepad. Now I’m sad. I have written my long, 300+ word entry for the week, and am normally done. Now, because I failed to write ONE entry during the week, have to write another one. This isn’t cool. Here goes nothing…

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