Sunday, May 25, 2008

Team Zodiac

I have to say my favorite map is either bloc or overgrown, although downpour and strike are close seconds. My Call of Duty 4 team is pretty much MLG now. We’re 45-4, have beaten the number two ranked team, and are ranked 142nd out of 22,700+ teams. We have seven people on our team: two from Iowa, two from Nebraska, and three from Idaho. We are one of the best HCSnD teams out there. This is one of the major factors that make these maps my favorites.
I am quite the sniper in HCSnD games. I used to use the M40A3, but I’ve recently switched back to the Russian Dragunov because I got it golden and because I like semi-auto’s much better. There is barely any difference in accuracy between the two, but with the Dragunov I can fire four or five times in the time it takes the M40A3 to reload and fire its second round. Using snipers or other long range weapons is how we frequently win. We can eliminate two or three people in a 5 vs. 5 game within 15 seconds, increasing our odds of victory by a large factor. Using the sniper in overgrown, bloc, and downpour also provides you a ghillie suit, which makes you much harder to see. I’ve had people walk right past me (or on me) without realizing I was there because of my ghillie. Clan matches on good maps are always a good time.

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