Sunday, May 18, 2008

Around Eleven.

I have, again, gotten into a disagreement with the queen of noobs, CS. This is a purely verbal disagreement in the fact that I haven’t punched him out and that we’re actually arguing about words. Disturbed has their new album to be released very soon (early June?) so they’ve pre-released a single called Inside the Fire. If you haven’t listened to Disturbed before, you may find them hard to understand. This is where the disagreement follows.
In this video,, between :36 and :38, we can’t agree on the words. These are your options, listed from right to wrong:

“Around Eleven” – Correct!
“No Longer Living” – No way this is right…

When we had Mrs. Dolezal for a sub during zero hour one day, we had a few friends try to decide which words they thought they heard. Depending on what they were told first (priming!) would affect the outcome of what they said. My guess is because they couldn’t tell either way, so they just went with the first thing they heard. Hooray AP Psychology.
Please, don’t attempt to consult “official” lyrics, because there aren’t any. Right now, all there is for lyrics are people guessing what’s actually being said. One lyrics site has nearly completely different lyrics from the next. Listen to the song, and decide for yourself.

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