Sunday, May 4, 2008

I Hate You.

Thursday was “Stop the Hate” day at school. A few months ago they gave us a survey about swearing-related topics and had us answer it. Apparently they finally got around to analyzing the results and found out that we are all foul-mouthed individuals. Thursday really didn’t have anything to do with hate; it was just an attempt to stop the foul language at school.
This didn’t work. I think I heard more swearing Thursday than any other day this year. There was a statistic such as “66% of students don’t mind foul language” or “54% of students hear foul language in the front foyer daily” played over the intercom before each class. Honestly, I don’t think their results were quite valid. Not everyone goes through the foyer, so the 54% should actually be about 98%, since kids yell things like “SHIT I FORGOT MY HOMEWORK” all the time.
My favorite thing was how people reacted to the picketers. These people volunteered to hold up signs during passing time and before and after school in the foyer. They said things like “Positive language is contagious” and “Think before you speak!” I saw one guy walk right up to one of them (I'm guessing it was his friend) and start cussing him out. It was actually pretty entertaining. Now that that holiday is over, the next week or two will be “Restart the Hate” week at school, since we all need to get our cursing fix in after missing a day. Damn.

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