Sunday, April 27, 2008

no more SITTING

I'm sitting here, wasting time, because I can't think of a topic to write about. I will reference the predictions of one of my friends from when we all started these blogs: no one will ever read them, and if someone does read yours, you will probably be beaten or raped in the near future because you are being stalked. Therefore, my thought process is as follows: does it really matter what I type about? As long as I reach the lofty word count of 200 or 250 words, it doesn’t matter what is actually on the page. Also: I want to use as many colons as possible, in support for all of the people who die daily from colon cancer. Their life: sucks because it ended: at a bad: time. 8:19 AM, world count: 135! Keep going! This is going to be speedy. I looked at Alex’s blog moments before beginning to type this, and he was behind by four blogs. That was a week ago, meaning he has three for this week as well. Uh oh: noob. And speaking of noobs: CS is garbage. On a lighter note, a tribute goes to CB for training my WigglyTANK in the previous post (or maybe two posts ago). She did a splendid job of walking around aimlessly fighting stuff with the only Pokemon I had that she found “cute”. 8:22, using more colons, word count: 235! Can I hit 350 in one paragraph? This is insane! The only homework I had this weekend was from AP Lang. I had one-and-a-half (now using –‘s because colons aren’t cool anymore) blog entries to write, I had to revise my essay, and I have to still write a response to a graphic novel in my reading notebook. Eight twenty-four – and a word count of – 302! The home stretch! This is now going to be called the god-paragraph. When you can write and write and write about nothing so that the nothing connects to the other nothing and even though it is all nothing something is written so that you meet your word count it is called the god-paragraph. So, does it really connect? 360 – word – count – yeah!


Old Greg said...

I know you are but what am I? -CS

The Mindless Voice said...

I think you should post about mad DDR skills sometime and post an personal interview with Stewart

and then you should add in there somewhere that Diva pwns at your calculator DDR...