Thursday, April 17, 2008


Recently in US, we have been discussing the Kennedy assassination, and seeing as our school is named after him it’s a pretty big deal. There are all kinds of theories about who killed him, and whether Oswald killed him alone. We know three shots were fired. The first shot missed the President, the second tore through his neck, into some other senator’s ribcage, wrist, and then foot. The third and final shot entered the back of Kennedy’s head, killing him.
Some say that because these shots were so close together, taking about four seconds to fire all three of them, that Oswald wouldn’t have had time to fire them all himself. He was using a bolt-action rifle, which means you have to pop in another shell and pull the bolt back after each shot. However, Oswald was in the military as a marksman, so he could probably have done the shooting alone. The FBI, the mob, and the Cubans all had reasons to kill Kennedy at the time, so many people think there was a conspiracy.\
Personally, I believe the mob killed Kennedy. They had their own gunman on the “grassy knoll” along with Oswald, and that the gunman fired the 2nd shot while Oswald fired the first and third. Oswald was shot a few days later by a man known to have mafia connections, covering up the conspiracy.

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