Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rise Above This.

So I’ve been told a girl at our school has recently attempted suicide. She sat behind me in one of my classes, but I rarely talked to her, and didn’t really know her very well. This is a pretty sad topic, and I don’t know anything about her circumstances or motives behind attempting to end her life, so I won’t attest to that.
One thing I can write about is how people deal with this differently. I realized early this morning, that two songs that I like both deal with suicide, and yet they portray a completely different set of emotions. I’ll start with the much darker song. It is by Disturbed, and is called Into the Fire. Don’t listen to this whole song unless you like the heavier rock genre. At least read along with the intro and a few of the lyrics and into the chorus. This is about the main singer. His girlfriend committed suicide, and he was standing over her body when the devil began talking to him, attempting to get him to end his life as well. This is definitely a disturbing song.
My second song also deals with suicide. It is about the main singer again, only this time his brother committed suicide. I would listen to this whole song, because it is deep. It’s by Seether, and is called Rise Above This. You can hear this singer fairly well, so you really shouldn’t need lyrics. As I read in a book at some point, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Hang in there people.

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Old Greg said...

why dont you commit suicide