Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sí Sí Sí

Yesterday (Friday the 18th) I went to Chicago for the Spanish trip. There were 54 people, including teacher/chaperones, and we were there and back in one day. It was actually a pretty good trip, for how short it was.
I had to get up a little after 5 in the morning so we could board the bus at 6 and leave, in theory, by 6:15. We then undertook the 4ish hour drive to Chicago. We got there very early, because for some reason the traffic was especially light, so we walked around Millennium Park for a few minutes before our museum tour started. We went to the Chicago Art Museum to see paintings and what not, focusing on the Spanish artists.
We then went to Café Iberico, which is a Spanish tapas restaurant. Tapas are how the Spanish people often eat. You sit at a table with lots of people (in this case 27 per table) and the waiters bring small dishes that you all share. There were six or seven different things they brought out, and most were quite exotic. They started with some potatoes that had mayonnaise and some kind of oil on them with garlic and other spices. This came with bread, which we ate throughout the whole meal. Next was tortilla Española, which is similar to an omelet. It has eggs, potatoes, onions, and other stuff thrown in. I liked this dish the best. We then had some Spanish ham with goat cheese on it, which had fried bread with tomatoes on it in the same dish. Next came octopus, which I drew the line with. It was white, and you could see the little suction cups on some of the pieces of it. Bleh. Furthering the seafood, we finished with some kind of garlic shrimp.
We drove back home after eating, and it took much longer to get back because traffic was worse on the way home. We returned at a little after 8.

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