Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Pokemon

WigglyTANK is completely sick. In the four hours or more each direction on the previously stated Chicago trip, I had some time to kill. Out came the ghetto Pokemon red version and the see-through purple game boy color, with its extreme entertainment value.
I went over to route three, which is just west of Mt. Moon, looking for a Jigglypuff. They’re fairly rare, so it took me awhile to find one. I caught a total of 4, all of them at level three, and selected the best out of them. The random base-stats generator in the original Pokemon games can be taken advantage of if you know what you’re doing. The Pokemon’s base stats determine its end game stats, so if you start out with garbage you’ll end with garbage. I selected the Jigglypuff with the best stats, which if I remember correctly was 21 HP, 8 attack, and 6 defense, speed, and special. Not bad for a starter, actually.
Next, it was time for training. Jigglypuffs evolve with a moon stone, which means you can evolve them at your pleasure. However, once evolved, they learn no new techniques, so you really have to wait before you do it. At level 34 it learns Body Slam, which was the last worthwhile technique it learns, so I decided to evolve it then. It was then renamed WigglyTANK, because Wigglytuff is a garbage name. Its final move lineup consisted of Body Slam, Rest, Sing, and Psychic. When low on health, I sing to put the opponent to sleep. While it’s sleeping, I use rest, which puts me to sleep and restores my HP to full. We then both wake up, me at full HP, and the opponent still weak. WigglyTANK… furthermore, CS is garbage.


c said...

i feel hurt that you did not mention my leveling up of your pokemon creature.

Old Greg said...

Are you sure that I am garbage? Are you sure it's not just the fact that << you are a dick >>