Friday, April 11, 2008

CS = G4R84G3

The week after a break is always one of the hardest. You’ve been sleeping from past midnight until around noon for upwards of a whole week. After 8 or 9 days, you suddenly have your zero hour hit you in the face as your alarm sounds at 6:00 in the morning, cutting your sleep down to six hours. You are not with it the whole day. It just sucks.
That’s about all. The word “tired” will describe how this week went.

Next on the agenda…ripping on a friend for a few moments.
The following expression isn’t taught in our school math class:
Now what does this mean? If I were driving a car, and the black and white signs that appear off to my right show the number 70, I could deduce that I should not go faster than 70. If I were to look in front of me and slightly down, and see that 109 was on my speedometer, I would have three options. Option one: gun it, because you’re going for a speed record. Option two: chill out, ease off the gas, and not get pulled over. Only a noob would pick the third option: maintain speed while in the vicinity of a state trooper and get pulled over. Only a noob…
Oh, and if someone were to lie by a refrigerator and not IN the refrigerator in an unknown person’s house while holding a P90, I would deem that person a noob and a camper. After writing this, I have added “noob” to my Microsoft word dictionary, because it IS a word.

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Old Greg said...

Option 3 is perfectly rational