Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Conflict 23 on 4/5/08
Creek: Hardcore Search & Destroy
Rounds to win: 4
Starting side: Offense

Our first three rounds of this game, of course, did not go well. Throughout the whole match, it was 6 v. 6. On offense, most of our team was either picked off by enemy snipers on the opposing hill or SMG’d or frag’d in the tunnel at B. Pretty much a slaughter. 0-3 at halftime, time to switch sides. It was now our turn for easy kills. We performed as well if not better than our opponents when they were on defense, ending rounds in as little as a minute and a half or less. Now it was 3-3, and time for a tiebreaker. We waited, and all swore as it randomly said “switching sides” when the 3-3 came up. We were on the un-winnable offensive team.
We had 6 guys, one went right, into the creek bed, four went up onto our main hill, and one went left, into the cave. The round was 2:30 for a max time to arm. Quickly, within maybe 20 or 25 seconds of the start, one player on our team sniped an opponent on their hill from our hill. Seeing the muzzle flash from his single round, he was shot at by two more enemy snipers, and was easily killed. Our 3 remaining on the hill retaliated. In the end, a minute into the game, we had lost 4 men, and they had lost only 3. In the cave, we still had an MP5 and the M21 in the creek bed remained as well. During the death of the 4th teammate on our team, the MP5 was crawling slowly out of the cave at B, holding the bomb. He abruptly stopped when he herd the barely audible click of a sniper bullet being reloaded into an M40A3 or an R700 chamber. One sniper was directly above him, but he could not risk moving and being seen. At this time, one enemy apparently slipped off of the house he was sniping from, and died from the fall. Noob.
2 v 2 now. The B MP5 had a plan. He knew the sniper above him would hear him open the briefcase with the bomb to arm it and simply look down to shoot him. The plan then followed. M21 in the creek bed began randomly firing up above B, where our team knew a sniper was. The enemy above saw the muzzle flashes, and fired two quick rounds, killing our 5th man. However, the MP5 waited for him to fire, and opened the briefcase at the exact same time. He didn’t hear him. Bomb armed. Bomb planted. The remaining two snipers didn’t stand a chance against an MP5 in close quarters. They were both shot attempting to disarm the bomb. 4-3, our win.

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