Sunday, March 23, 2008

Titles Suck

Cutting your hair is similar to committing suicide. Sometimes you really feel like doing it, but you don’t have the means, so your desire fades away with time.
This term I need to get the old class rank up. My GPA has been on the rise since the beginning of time in freshman year, and until recently my class rank has been also. Last term I dropped by 4 people, even though my GPA was going up. I smell a resolution.
I have 3 AP classes this year: Language and Composition (of course), Psychology, and US History. My grades in these classes have been constant. I’ve gotten A’s in Psych and US both terms, and B+’s in Lang. Times must change. I must maintain my fair grades in the two social studies AP’s, while raising Language Arts. This will be done with a bit of work on my awesome research paper, which I have further refined its topic.
I am now going to research not theft, not the Mafia, not organized crime, but the black market. I have a few general resources which I don’t need to share with you, but I need more specific citations. I have a few stories about certain illegal trades, but it’s hard to get information about a trade ring that supposedly doesn’t exist. I like this topic because I can talk about the things they’re trading, be it drugs, prostitutes, immigrants, organs, or arms (as in guns). I can also go in the direction of how it affects the economy. Another name for the black market is the underground economy. This paper will rock, and I won’t lose any more ranks, hopefully.

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