Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fire and Flames

I consider myself to be a fairly accomplished guitar hero player. I can beat every song on the hardest difficulty, expert, except for one. Just one. And it is this song, Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce. I also found a video of some 9 year old kid playing, and this one shows the notes you have to play.
This song is incredibly difficult to play because of how fast it is, and because you don’t always play the guitar parts in the game. If you watch the first part of the little kid’s video, look at the TV screen. It alternates between the lowest fret, green, and another different one. Red, green, red, green, yellow, green, blue, green, exc. If you look at the first video of the band actually playing it, this is the keyboardist’s part. This is probably one of the largest hurdles to beating this song. I play it the same way the kid does, only with more mistakes. You have to play with two hands on the frets so you can’t strum. This means if you miss a note, you will miss all the rest until you strum again. It’s tough.
Right after this part, they play lots of 16th notes, which you actually can count. Most people criticize guitar hero for just being streaming colors, but you can actually add some musical element to it. The whole rest of the song is easy except for the solos, which are at about 3:21 on the first video, and a minute or so later on the 2nd video. I can’t beat this part because my hair isn’t long enough and my fingers aren’t fast enough. Apparently the little kid can, though.


Old Greg said...

You make me cry, the one they call noob. How do you explain an incorrect abbreviation =?= exc.??? Further more you used that as your period for the sentence? Pafetihck.

The Mindless Voice said...

i suck at guitar hero unless I'm using a wii remote
it's kinda sad...