Wednesday, March 19, 2008

___ 'em All

There has been a revival of sorts at our high school, and some of my friends and I have joined in. It seems that Pokemon is back, in some odd way at least. During passing time, at lunch, and especially after tests, I see people with their “ghetto” Gameboys. Never does anyone have a nice, new Gameboy. They always have the oldest possible model. The cartridge in this devise is always the same few colors: red, blue or yellow. These are the first installment of the Pokemon games, the red, blue and yellow versions, which seem to be the only “cool” ones. I couldn’t resist the urge to relapse to a near-infantile state of gaming, and start playing also.
I dug around my basement yesterday, searching for my old Gameboy. I found it in all its see-through-purple glory. Next, I searched for some of my Pokemon games. I ended up finding them all but one. I had red, blue, yellow, gold, and silver, but I was unable to find the yellow version. I selected red, and started a new game. Into the world of Pokemon I have dived, and hopefully I won’t get addicted. Long term goal: beat my friend Matt, who was still playing Pokemon before the “revival” at school.

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