Wednesday, March 26, 2008


In US History we are just wrapping up World War II. As I’m sure you know, we concluded the war by bombing two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki with one atomic bomb apiece. In class today we discussed the ethics behind this decision.
I think weapons like this are amazing. The fact that today our country alone can destroy the world 30-something times is quite intriguing. It may not be the nicest thing, but it certainly is interesting to know.
But back to WWII. There are a few arguments for and against the bomb. At the time, the Japanese were attempting to surrender, according to most historians. They believe the bombs were unnecessary because Japan was had already surrendered. They also say that using these weapons on cities and killing hundreds of thousands of civilians was just plain uncalled for. According to them, displaying the weapon without hitting a military target should have been enough to prompt surrender.
Other people support the bomb, as I do. Japan was willing to surrender, yes. However, our government and our president Truman wanted unconditional surrender. We had allowed Germany off the hook in WWI, which caused WWII. Had they surrendered unconditionally, many say WWII wouldn’t have happened. If we allowed Japan to surrender as Germany had, they may have done the same thing. This would have then required us to continue the war, with a conventional invasion of Japan. This would have been similar to D-Day, only on possibly an even larger scale. This is the main reason I think the bombs were justified. Millions of Americans and Japanese would have been killed in this invasion. Millions. Yes, a few hundred thousand were killed instantly with the atomic bombs. Our government simply picked the lesser of two evils.

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