Sunday, March 23, 2008


Today is a day of updates. I have gotten into the habit of doing one blog post during the week and doing two on Sunday. Happy Easter, by the way. Anyway, I've been continuing to play Pokemon in my spare time along with Call of Duty 4.
The difference between these two games is great. CoD4 is rated M for Mature, while Pokemon is rated E for Everyone. CoD4 came out late (I think November) last year, and Pokemon is from 1995-1996ish. CoD4 is intended for...older people, while Pokemon is for kids less than 10. It’s quite a clash if you go from one to the other.
For those who don’t know, CoD4 is a first-person shooter, which means you are walking around seeing from the eyes of your person. You see everything in front of you, hear things around you, and shoot at people. It can get pretty intense when you’re being fired upon and you’re forced to hit the deck with bullets whizzing past you and your teammates dying beside you, or other similar war-like scenarios. Now compare this to Pokemon. You have cute little “pocket monsters” that you train to do battle against other trainers. An attack shows your Pokemon jerking a bit, the other Pokemon flashes, and then its health bar drops. Things don’t die; they faint when they’re out of health. These games are polar opposites, yet I like them both.

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