Sunday, March 9, 2008


I had 7 days to write three entries on this blog. An excellent student would write one the first day, one the second day, and finish up on the third day knowing he/she had no blog-homework the rest of the week. A good student would write them randomly throughout the week, and in a worst case scenario have to finish up one on the Sunday before they’re due. I however, couldn’t do either of those. I wrote my first entry the day we were assigned this, and then wrote my other two entries today, on Sunday.
I am not usually this bad. I have invented my own method for dealing with long term assignments, and I have named it the “two day rule.” This is very simple. As my title states, do the assignment two days before it is due. This combines the best of both worlds. You can procrastinate, spending maybe a week doing absolutely nothing to further your project, all while enjoying the large amount of free time you have. You then get it done two nights before it is due, which keeps you out of the extreme procrastination crowd. You sacrifice one night to homework to have upwards of five homework-less nights. I find this to be a brilliant strategy. I am not always able to stick to it, sadly.

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